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"The Zroni Roll Fundraiser provides a delicious opportunity...selling family-sized pepperoni rolls
with a high profit reward to those interested in raising funds for a worthy cause or organization."


Welcome to the Zroni roll Fundraiser!

We are here for you!

Please know that during these uncertain times with COVID-19 we are still in business ....as we are considered an "essential business" being in food manufacturing with delivery or pickup options.

And we still have several customers taking advantage of the fundraiser both for their organizations needs as well as their own personal needs.... providing resources in these difficult times.

We will work with individuals who would like to do independent fundraisers selling a minimum of 12 Zroni Rolls (to profit $60).

We would like to help meet your need during these uncertain times. 😪

People are looking for different food options and delivery convenience.

"When I was in a local grocery store just this past week....almost ALL the frozen pizzas were gone! .... So I guess pizzas and hopefully pepperoni rolls are considered a staple in the homes right now. We all need comfort foods during times like these...😞!"

The Zroni Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser is
during COVID-19


  • $5.00 Profit for each Zroni Roll sold!
  • Easy Repeat Customer Sales
  • Fresh/Hand Made/Frozen/Ready to Bake
  • Delivered "Distribution Ready" and Hassle Free
  • Convenient and easy to sell!
  • Feeds Approximately 3-4 People
  • Amazing Testimonitals...Check Them Out!


Don't miss out on why so many people are saying....
"Zroni is the best and easiest fundraiser around!"