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Benefits of using Zroni Roll Fundraiser:


  • All Zroni Rolls are made fresh and flash frozen
  • Zroni Rolls are easy to sell with customers willing to make a monthly purchase commitment for ongoing fundraiser sales
  • Two week turnaround from the time the order is placed to the date the order is delivered
  • Free delivery flexible to meet your specific needs* (based on 100 Zroni Rolls sold)
  • Seller/student sales delivered "Distribution Ready" and hassle free
  • Easy to reach minimum order of 50 Zroni Rolls sold
  • $5.00 Profit for every Zroni Roll Sold


Groups that can benefit from Zroni Roll Fundraiser:


  • School Sports Teams
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Mission Trip Students
  • Drama, Dance and Choir Clubs
  • Booster Organizations
  • Raising Funds for Medical Causes
  • Independent Individual Fundraising Opportunities


And the list goes on....


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